High Street is a hard rock, heavily blues influenced quintet originally out of Chicago. Led by Erik Findling, the guitarist and songwriter, the band is delivering a fresh spin on classic rock sounds with current pop influences. Now based in Los Angeles, the band is igniting our generation to part-take in the most authentic, stripped-down, and honest type of rock and roll there is.

It all started back in the late 2000’s in the attic of the Findling household in Chicago. Young middle-schooler, Erik and his older brother Kurt on drums, assembled a group with some of their musically inclined classmates. Starting out as a classic rock cover band, they had hoped of playing a few parties around the neighborhood. However, they did not realize this would be the beginning of a very long journey. With Erik’s exceptional creativity, three EP’s of original music were soon professionally recorded by prominent producers in the Chicago area, such as Sean O’Keefe known for his work with Fall Out Boy and the Plain White T’s. The Chicago Club circuit quickly took notice and booked them all around the city at venues such as the renowned Double Door, Subterranean, and Hard Rock Chicago. This was the beginning of a new chapter for the band that would take them to the next level.

Nevertheless, just as they were really gaining momentum, Erik, the youngest of the group, watched the band dissolve as the other members went off to college. Alas, the band was no more. On his own, Erik went on a personal path to develop as an artist, exploring new genres of music such as Jazz and Classical.

Shortly after moving out to Los Angeles, Erik found the inspiration again to revive High Street permanently. This time, a new and improved lineup has been set in place to start right where they left off.


Phoebe Collins – Lead Vocals

Phoebe Collins has been singing almost her whole life since the age of 8. Born and raised in New Hampshire, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the music and entertainment industry. Her main influences stem from 70’s and 80’s classic rock including artists such as The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and The Beatles. Her passion for rock and roll comes from her Dad and older brothers who listened to these artists while growing up. Phoebe was placed as a finalist 3 years in a row in the Hampton Beach Talent Competition in New Hampshire and is thrilled to bring her talent to the west coast and eventually across the world.

Erik Findling – Lead Guitar

Erik Findling first picked up the guitar at the young age of just four years old. Growing up in Chicago, Findling was heavily influenced by the Blues at an early age, being exposed to artists such as B.B. King, Albert King, and Buddy Guy. At around 7 years old, he would start to perform at Blues clubs around the city where his peers and audience members would revere him as a “guitar prodigy”. However it wasn’t until the tender age of 8, that Findling’s father had taken him to see Slash perform at the renowned Riviera Theatre in Uptown, Chicago that would create a jaw dropping experience for the young Blues guitarist, immediately shifting him from Blues to Hard Rock. His dad, a former musician, would play Van Halen and Guns N’ Roses records in the car wherever they went, leading Erik to practice hours on end, attempting to copy down exactly note for note what he heard on the recordings. By the time Findling was in the eighth grade he was performing already at highly acclaimed venues in Chicago such as the Double Door, Hard Rock Café, and the Subterranean with the first version of High Street. Once Findling got to high school, he started to explore other genres of music, mainly Jazz, where he really started to gain an understanding of the guitar and the sounds that could be produced from it. He would come home from school and go straight to the practice room, spending up to 8 hours a day mastering his abilities on the guitar. His devotion and hard work eventually paid off as he was the only guitarist in the country to be selected for the GRAMMY Jazz Band as well as the Jazz Band of America when he was just a senior in high school. Once Erik received his high school diploma he relocated to Los Angeles to start a career within the music and entertainment industry. Now, Findling is focused on his career as a rock musician and his serves as the group leader and lead guitarist of High Street.

Deck Braun – Rhythm Guitar

Growing up in the small bubble of the South Bay that was heavily dominated by jocks and sports enthusiasts, Deck Braun did not share the same enthusiasm and actually hated most sports. He found music was his passion after receiving his first guitar at 13 years old. He grew up always loving music often listening to his mother’s CDs such as Rod Stewart and Tom Petty. After borrowing his dad’s White Stripes CD of their famous album “Get Behind Me Satan” and hearing Jack White’s heavy dirty licks and clever lyrics, he quickly developed a yearning for the guitar and to know how to play it. After his parents kindly gifted him with his first guitar, a red Squier Stratocaster, it was a something no one expected to stick. He continued to play through middle school and highschool often ditching class and passing on many plans his friends and peers would make to stay home and play. All that time aided in his songwriting development, which he learned was much more satisfying than playing covers. He continues to play and write as much as possible and is planning on gaining much success because of it.

Ryan Zin – Bass/Backing Vocals

Ryan Zin is a Southern California born songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, taking up the roll of the bass guitarist for High Street. Growing up it always seemed that Ryan had a guitar in his hands. He learned classic solos note for note, and mastered songwriting techniques. He has produced and performed on many recordings made both in home and professional studios. When Ryan is taking a break from his creativity, he loves to study foreign language and is quite the cook!

Kelly Collins – Drums/Backing Vocals

Kelly Collins is a multi-instrumentalist with a special expertise in the drums, he had been playing for many years now in multiple groups throughout L.A., having success with his self-lead punk band HØLØ and producing all of the albums on his own. Having the ability to play multiple genres within the Rock category, he now devotes his chops in being the official drummer of High Street and is looking forward in continuing his musical journey wherever it may take him.